Sankalp is focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative, quality solutions, business ethics and customer delight. For the past 4 + years, Sankalp has provided services to meet industry's expanding technology needs, and we are proud to be involved in this vital industry.


Sankalp takes immense pleasure in providing innovative and advanced technological solutions to an international client base. Our goal is to provide a state-of-the-art intelligent software solutions that is scalable, secure and highly flexible to support our clients' constantly evolving needs.


Drive Continuous Improvement and a Passion for Excellence.

Customer delight

Sankalp as a whole, and each sankalp employee individually, strives to continuously improve the quality of operations by developing their individual competences and creating new ways of working. We commit to emphasizing customer feedback, and to having great respect and understanding of our clients' evolving needs. Sankalp strives to meet its customers' needs and maintain customer loyalty through the superior quality of its services.