Embedded Services

The Embedded Services division at Sankalp offers a broad array of value-added services in the Telecom, Automotive, Consumer, manufacturing and Convergence market segments. As a customer, you draw advantage from our highly competent interdisciplinary engagement and delivery teams who are in the forefront of this technically challenging area.
The Embedded Services teams located in India represent core competencies centered around telecom, digital signal processing, bio medical, defense applications, automated test equipments, semiconductor applications, image processing, automotive applications and developing custom-made i/o drivers for various clients.
Projects under execution cover different phases in the life cycle with a diverse range of geographically dispersed clients. These projects are executed keeping in mind high quality standards defined at a maturity level. The team members have a high level of technical expertise with various technologies and have the capability to handle a wide variety of problems in this area.
The services offered by the embedded solutions unit are delivered through the following groups:  

Our Technology Groups

The Embedded Engineering Group
Our services cover the whole software and hardware life cycle from product design to embedding the software into the target platform. We provide software development (C, C++ and Assembly) for various target RTOS / Microprocessors; Electronic Design; Board Support Packages; device drivers; protocol development.

The DSP Group
This group specializes in state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing and algorithms from concept to reality, embedding them into as a firmware for various customer specific processors. The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Group develops the algorithms for the products. A key activity of the group is cryptography, image processing, audio CODEC, speech CODEC, GSM interceptor and digital filter designs.

The Automation Group
This group specializes in home, industry automation and security solutions, as per customer specific requirements. The group has developed proprietary architecture solutions for residential & commercial establishment based on power line communications.

The Co-Design Solutions Center
This Center provides solutions and approaches in Hardware and Software Co-Design, Co-Implementation and Co-Verification.

Our Industry Focused Groups

Automotive Projects Center
We provide Embedded Solutions for the Automotive Sector. We have close familiarity with the sector and have experience implementing a number of projects ranging from car navigation and guidance systems, to modeling and simulation of the mechanical, electrical and electronics of the vehicle for validation and reliability testing.

Embedded Connectivity Center
This Center provides the consumer electronics and consumer appliance sectors with services including the interfacing of different devices or components using wireless, wired and different buses, and designing Internet-enabled home appliances.

Manufacturing and Automation Center
We provide services dealing with embedded software and control for the manufacturing and automation sectors. The key technologies applied are drivers for PLCs and Process Control Equipment.